5 Reasons to Support Small Business

Small Business Satuday, sandwiched in between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, was started by American Express in 2010.   It gained momentum so quickly that in 2011 the senate made it a national Holiday. It’s a great way to support local  businesses and make an impact in your local economy.  Here are a few reasons why:

1. You help create jobs.

Money spent in local businesses will result in local jobs, creating more employment opportunities in your neighborhood.  According to the Small Business association, small businesses account for 55% of all jobs, and 65% of new jobs since the 1970s.  By shopping small businesses, you’re literally creating job security for your neighbors.

2. Small businesses give back.

The people of small businesses love and care for their neighbor just as much as you do.  From donating to silent auctions to writing a check to 4H, small businesses are more likely to donate time, resources, and products to local causes and support local charities.  Your neighborhood is their home too. A study by the research group Civics Economics found that 48% of every dollar spent shopping small stays in the local economy, while on 14% of every dollar spent at chain stores stays local.

3. Shopping at one small business benefits another.

Local small businesses are connected.  By shopping one small business, you’re creating a ripple effect in the local economy.  By supporting one business, you’re supporting many of your friends and neighbors.

4. Small Businesses offer high quality, unique products.

Although the price may be higher when you shop local, sometimes you get what you pay for.  You know your product was made by a friend or neighbor earning a fair wage.  This connection creates pride in work, and a desire to provide a high quality product. Shopping small also affords a the opportunity to give the perfect personalized gift.  Small businesses are willing to go the extra mile and thrive on happy customers.  Lavender Essential Oil Beeswax Hand Cream

5. Small businesses are everywhere.

With the advent of e-commerce, it’s never been easier to connect with small businesses.  That means that your local small business is putting money into the local economy from all over the world.

Whether you head out with friends to the local coffer shop, or search the internet for the perfect handmade gift, shop small on Small Business Saturday and support hard working families across the United States.

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5 Reasons to Support Small Business