N-Acetyl Glucosamine NAG

N-Acetyl Glucosamine NAG

N-acetyl Glucosamine – Precursor to collagen

N-acetyl Glucosamine, or NAG, is “skin identical”, meaning that it is a natural part of our skin, helping to keep it moisturized and maintain it’s barrier function.  Studies have shown that NAG can increase collagen production, increase moisture levels in skin, and increase the elasticity of skin.

NAG- Boosts Hyaluronic Acid Production

Because NAG can boost collagen production and helps skin stay wonderfully moisturized, it decreases the appearance of lines and wrinkles. A study using niacinamide and NAG on women 35 to 60 showed an increase in the production of hyaluronic acid, which resulted in improved hydration. This reduced the appearance of fine lines, and an increased the elasticity of skin.

N-Acetyl Glucosamine reduces hyper-pigmentation

N-Acetyl Glucosamine has also been shown to reduce hyper-pigmentation, especially when used in combination with niacinamide.  One study showed that a formulation of niacinamide and NAG significantly reduced the appearance of age spots and uneven hyper-pigmentation.

Studies have shown that NAG can induce changes and increase proliferation of skin’s fibroblasts, which can lead to increased healing of wounds. It can also lead to increased collagen expression and proliferation of keratinocytes.

The research is sound to prove NAG is an exceptional ingredient that can boost collagen production, improve skin elasticity, stimulate fibroblast production, and decrease the appearance of age spots or hyper-pigmentation.


Sources: https://patents.google.com/patent/US8658219B2/en



Statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat and cure or prevent disease. Always consult with your professional skin care provider.

Bright Eyes Vitamins + Minerals Eye Cream Giveaway!

Bright Eyes Vitamins + Minerals Eye Cream Giveaway!


We’re launching our new Bright Eyes Vitamins + Minerals Eye Cream today!

We named our business Bee Lovely Botanicals because you can’t get better natural skincare than when you combine the power of botanicals with the awesomeness of bees! In our new Bright Eyes Vitamins + Minerals Eye Cream, we’ve added ingredients to focus on diminishing the appearance of dark circles and fine lines.

Just like when we formulated our Royal Jelly, Green Tea, and Vitamin B3 Face Cream, we researched many ingredients for safety and effectiveness. We chose the ingredients that were first and foremost safe, and second, proven to give your eye area a renewed youthful appearance.

We have chosen to use Blue Chamomile and Blue Tansy, along with Geranium and Frankincense essential oils. These oils will calm the delicate, stressed skin around your eyes, and promote a healthy, youthful appearance. Coupled with natural compounds like caffeine, plant peptides, haloxyl, raw beeswax, Vitamin K, and minerals like copper and magnesium, these ingredients markedly decrease the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and fine lines.

I have suffered from dark circles pretty much all of my life. I would carefully cake on light colored concealer, yellow concealer, I tried “baking” it in, just to try to hide those dark circles.

When I would run into someone in the store without my concealer I would hear, “Aww, are you sick? You don’t look well.”

“Yes [fake cough] I think I’m coming down with something,” I would say to save us both the embarrassment of “Ah, no. This is just what I look like.”

If you can relate to my tale of woe, you should try our Bright Eyes Vitamins + Minerals Eye Cream. It’s full of skin loving ingredients to diminish the appearance of dark circles and fine lines. For a limited time, we’re running a contest and one lucky winner will receive a Bright Eyes Vitamins + Minerals Eye Cream free! In addition to the chance of winning a free eye cream, when you share our posts and giveaways, you’re helping our business succeed! Recommendations of our business are such a blessing! Thank you so much for sharing!!

If you’re still on the fence about our Bright Eyes Vitamins + Minerals Eye Cream, here’s what our testers had to say about it:

“The Bright Eyes Cream is amazing! I’ve been using this product every night and whether I get a good sleep or not with a newborn no one can tell. I highly recommend it!” Wendy

“Bright Eyes Eye Cream is superb to any eye cream I have used! Not oily, very rich and smooth. I use it in the morning and at night I love it so much! The best part it’s toxin free. I can’t get enough of this eye cream! I know I have less wrinkles since using it!” Joanne

“So this product is amazing! My eyes have way fewer crinkles and as a positive side effect I have longer thicker eyelashes!!!!” Christine

“After Jodie gave me a sample of the Bright Eyes Vitamins & Minerals eye cream, I couldn’t wait until they were able to get it packaged to purchase! The cream worked so good on taking the puffiness and darkness away under my eyes! This is an awesome product!!” Anne


If you’d like a Bright Eyes Vitamins + Minerals Eye Cream of your very own, click here for a special one time offer after checkout!

I can’t sleep!

As you may already know, I have lyme disease. Leading up to that diagnosis, my life was a mess.

I had a kindergartener, an 18 month old, and an infant. That entire year I went on about 3 hours of sleep a night. I would have trouble falling asleep. I would finally doze off, only to awaken a few hours later, around 2 or 3 am. I would toss and turn, cry and pray for sleep to come, only to doze off minutes before the alarm would go off to get my oldest ready for school. I was living in a mental fog, my heart would race from being so tired, my muscles ached, and my stomach was a mess. I snacked my way through every day just to stay awake.

My healing began with a diagnosis of lyme disease. (Insomnia is a symptom of lyme disease.) We then had something to research and began finding treatments to help. I was advised by my physician to make sure I slept at night. Your body heals from the stresses and traumas of the day while you sleep, and if you are regularly missing sleep, you’re body can’t recover and you end up in a downward spiral. If I was going to get better, I needed to get enough sleep.

My doctor gave me a prescription of ambien. I was reluctant to take it because I had heard horror stories of people getting addicted to sleeping pills and missing out on life. I would take half or 1 pill judiciously, and try then try skipping a night to see if I could sleep. Within a month or two, my body did reset and I could sleep without a prescription.

I did still have bouts of insomnia. It would go in phases, where I could sleep well for a time, but something would throw me out of my routine and I would begin a cycle of less and less sleep. Following are some of the natural treatments that I’ve tried through out the years, and how they worked for me. I’m sharing this just as information. Do your own due diligence, but this might be a starting point to find something that helps for you.

Melatonin: This is a natural hormone that helps your body know when it’s time to enter a sleep cycle. Taking melatonin at bedtime could help your body reset to be sleeping at night, and awake during the day. {I still occasionally take melatonin. Personally, I don’t like it as much as some of the other options I have. When I was so sleep deprived, I felt like I was experiencing sleep apnea when I took melatonin. I remember laying there thinking “Wake up. BREATHE!” and then taking a huge gasping breath. I haven’t had that problem in quite a while. I think I was just so exhausted at the time.}

Sunlight Lamp: A sunlight lamp works well in conjunction with melatonin. Sitting in front of a sunlight lamp every morning helps to reset your circadian rhythms, meaning it helps your body sleep and night, and be awake during the day, not vice-versa. Using a sunlight lamp is also purported to help with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) (basically depression due to lack of sunlight all winter).{I think the sunlight lamp helped me, especially in the long winter months without much sunshine. To be honest, I found it really difficult to stay in a routine where I sat by the lamp for 15-20 minutes every morning.}

L-Tryptophan: L-Tryptophan is an amino acid that is necessary for your body to produce serotonin. Serotonin helps control mood and sleep. {I really thought the L-Tryptophan was helpful for me. I would take them just before I went to bed, and I would start to feel calm and sleepy shortly after that. I didn’t feel groggy in the morning after taking L-tryptophan. I switched from it because L-tryptophan can contribute to a sluggish thyroid, and I had symptoms of a slow thyroid.}
L-tryptophan is converted by the body to 5-HTP. 5-HTP is also available as a sleep aid, and is supposed to help with depression. 5-HTP is supposed to be able to cross the blood brain barrier better than L-tryptophan, and therefore be more effective. {I just didn’t notice that the 5-HTP did anything for me compared to the L-tryptophan.}

Sleeptime Tea Extra: Celestial Seasonings has several different types of Sleepytime Tea. It’s a caffeine free herbal tea with soothing and calming herbs such as chamomile. Sleepytime Extra has valerian root in it. {I like the Sleepytime Extra Tea. I still drink it if I’m agitated or not sleepy and it’s time for bed. It helps you fall asleep, and I haven’t noticed feeling groggy at all the next morning. For me, the Sleepytime Teas without valerian didn’t really help much.}

Sleep Powder by Youtheory: This is a powder that you dissolve in hot water and drink before you go to bed. It contains magnesium, L-tryptophan, melatonin, L-glycine, and L-5-HTP. {This did help me fall asleep and stay asleep. I did not like the way this tasted, and it felt like a chore for me to drink the whole cup.}

Alteril: These are caplets that you swallow with water about an hour before bedtime. They include L-tryptophan, glycine, melatonin, and herbs including GABA, valerian, skullcap, hops, chamomile, and passionflower. {These also helped me fall asleep and stay asleep. They did make me feel a bit groggy when it was time to get up, but it wore off quickly. I don’t like taking these for 1 reason. Hops has a really weird, sickly sweet smell to me, and these caplets smell like hops. All said there are some really good, beneficial ingredients to aid in falling and staying asleep, but I just can’t tolerate the smell of it.}

Magnesium: You’re probably already aware of my love affair with magnesium. It’s integral for over 600 processes in the body. It helps with anxiety, and could also help with restless leg syndrome. Magnesium can interact with certain anti-biotics, statins, and heart medications, so check with doc before starting. If you take too much magnesium, it will give you diarrhea. My doctor told me to gradually increase the dose to that point, then back down a bit. That way I would know how much my body really needed. {I recently tried Calm brand of magnesium. It’s magnesium bicarbonate, and it’s flavored. It fizzes, similar to an alka-seltzer when you add it to water. The boys always ask for a sip, because they like the berry flavor. For me, the magnesium really works wonders. I can literally feel the tension melting away, and a sleepy calm feeling come over me. I do still occasionally wake up in the middle of the night when I take the magnesium, so it might not be as effective at helping me STAY asleep as GET to sleep. I twitch ALOT when I’m sleeping. Sometimes that’s what wakes me up, but Josh said that my twitching is less on the nights when I take magnesium.}

As you can see, I’ve tried many different natural sleep aids. Not everything works the same for everyone, but hopefully you can find something to help you get the sleep your body so desperately needs. I’m wishing you sweet dreams!!

This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you purchase after clicking on a link, I will earn a small commission, at no cost to you. All opinions are my own after trying each product through out the past few years.

Here’s to you, small shopper!

Here’s to you, small shopper!

Here’s to you, small shopper!

“I had the pleasure of meeting this cute family this September at Penn’s Colony. I got soaps and a Lip Balm. The soaps are heavenly smelling and leave my skin soft and moisturized. The lip balm is probably their most underrated product. I got one free with my soap purchase. It is the Pink Lemonade scent and it is absolutely the best lip balm I’ve ever used! I use it every day. I love supporting small businesses whenever I can because I too have a small business. This is definitely a business my family and I will continue to support! ”  -Lizz

The boys talk to a customer at a Younkers “Meet the Maker” event.

Our home-schooling, entrepreneuring (it’s a word, don’t judge me), craft showing-type of lifestyle definitely has its ups and downs.  My car is old, and we find  a lot of ways to cook gluten free chicken.  We are definitely not keeping up with the Joneses.  There are days that we work almost around the clock, and more than a few that leave us puzzling until our puzzler is sore.  There isn’t really more risk in our lifestyle than any other, it’s just that the responsibility is concentrated on Josh and me.  There is no teacher, manager, or boss to blame, or turn to for help.

While there are so many difficulties, and always so much to learn that it’s overwhelming at times, there are definitely unique blessings and opportunities that we wouldn’t find in another walk of life.  One of the biggest blessings that we have is that we get to meet and connect with so many people from all over the United States and from all different backgrounds.  We have homeschooling friends in Mississippi, penpals in Pennsylvania, and friends near Chicago that make bug art.

small shopper

A pack of letters arrived today from our pen pals in Pennsylvania, complete with artwork they learned from a book we sent as a Christmas present.

We have THE best customers!

We also have THE best customers in the world! Thank you for supporting our business.  You’re willingness to take a risk on a business and a family has been crucial to our growth!

So here’s to you, the trendsetters, the small shoppers, the thinkers outside the big box store. Thanks for coming along for the ride, and we hope our business is as much of a blessing to you as you are to us.

The Best Skin Care Ingredients for Cold Weather

The Best Skin Care Ingredients for Cold Weather

The Best Skin Care Ingredients for Cold Weather

With cold weather finally upon us, many of us are beginning to feel the dreaded drying effect of winter.  The following article describes the best and most effective ingredients to protect skin from trans-epidermal water loss.


It might seem counter-intuitive to some people, but having water as an ingredient in your skincare is a definite boost.  It activates the Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF) in your skin. NMF include sodium lactate, sodium PCA, and amino acids molecules.  These compounds are meant to hold water and keep skin moisturized. When the air around us is very dry, or we become dehydrated, these NMF dry out and can’t do their job.  Using a cream or lotion (make sure it’s a true cream and not a balm) will plump those little guys up.  Then those skin loving oils have a little more to work with.  Another way to keep your skin hydrated is to make sure you’re drinking enough water.  Running a humidifier helps, too.


You had to see this one coming.  The reason beeswax is such a great ingredient in cold weather skincare is because it is so hydrophobic, meaning it does not like water.  It seals skin to keep the water in.  That keeps skin hydrated, and looking plump and full.

Another benefit of the anhydrous nature of beeswax is that it isn’t easily rinsed away.  If you’re in a profession that requires frequent hand washings, look for a good beeswax cream to stick around after the first rinse.

True beeswax emulsions contain significantly less water than traditional creams and lotions.  That means that while they have enough water to activate the Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF) in your skin, they’re still thick and rich and protect skin.


Lanolin Best Ingredients for winter skin careLanolin is pressed from sheep’s wool after it’s shorn.  Lanolin is the only oil I know of that can actually absorb 30% of it’s weight in water.  It’s molecular structure is remarkably similar to human sebum.

These properties make it an excellent barrier cream, that actually stores moisture for the skin once it’s finally absorbed. It’s important to make sure to use USP (US Pharmacy) grade lanolin to ensure that it is pure lanolin.  Our hand creams and our Mint and Honey Lip Balm Tin harness the power of beeswax + USP lanolin.


Allantoin is the active ingredient in aloe and comfrey root.  Studies have actually proven that allantoin speeds wound healing. (Araujo et al)  Studies have also shown that allantoin helps with itching.(Veraldi, et al)           That’s good news if your skin get so dry that it becomes cracked and itchy.

Bee Rugged Beeswax Hand Salve

Bee Lovely Botanicals™ beeswax skincare was formulated to protect and nourish dry skin.  To read more about our women’s hand creams,  with organic oils, beeswax, lanolin, and probiotics, click here.  For our even tougher Bee Rugged line that contains beeswax, lanolin, allantoin, organic oils and probiotics click here.

Vanilla Mint Beeswax Hand Cream

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Benefits of Royal Jelly for Your Skin

Benefits of Royal Jelly for Your Skin

Benefits of Royal Jelly

Did you know there are many benefits of Royal Jelly for your skin? Royal Jelly is composed of vitamins, lipids, and hormones straight from the bee hive and has been used as a beautifying ingredient for centuries. Royal Jelly contains amino acids, natural sugars, fats, and hormones. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, royal jelly can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and boost skin elasticity and firmness. Royal Jelly also exhibits antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Royal Jelly is Full of Skin Supportive Ingredients

We combine organic royal jelly with vitamin B3 and Green Tea extract, as well as light nourishing plant oils. We also use healing compounds and botanicals such as allantoin, hyaluronic acid, and honeysuckle extract in our moisturizer. Allantoin and hyaluronic acid help to promote skin regeneration and help keep skin plump with moisture, and honeysuckle extract acts as a preservative which has been shown to help fight some types of acne.


Royal Jelly Green Tea Vitamin B3 Royal Regeneration Face Cream

Our Royal Jelly Green Tea Vitamin B3 Royal Regeneration Face Cream is packed full of these amazing ingredients and is great for all types of skin. We use specific oils to help moisturize skin. Of course we use beeswax which is an excellent emollient and helps help your skin hydrated. We also use the anti-oxidant rich rosemary essential oil, lavender essential oil, and litsea cubeba fruit essential oil. With all of those skin loving oils and beeswax, you might be afraid that this cream would get too heavy and greasy, but it’s very light and thin. It is also formulated with just a touch of silicone, to perfect the appearance of skin texture and under makeup, so you can kiss your primer goodbye With so many benefits of Royal Jelly, it is a great way to pamper your skin!