Free Shipping?

In the day and age of Amazon Prime, free shipping has become a well loved perk of many online orders, especially through e-commerce giants like Amazon or  We are often asked about shipping costs, so here’s the way that we look at it.

There really is no free lunch.  Sorry to burst your bubble, but there’s no free shipping, either.  UPS, FedEx, or the US Post Office isn’t going to release their fleet of delivery trucks and drivers for free, and they shouldn’t. It’s their business to deliver packages, and they are and should be paid for their work.  So, the question really is, who is going to pay for their work?  The answer to this is simple, although sometimes deceptively simple.  Outside of once in a while special promotions, the consumer is the one who foots the bill for shipping, one way or another.

When you buy from mega e-commerce stores, such as Amazon, your shipping costs are factored into the cost of the product.  You’re still paying for the shipping, it’s just not a separate line item. Amazon also has very sophisticated search algorithms and cookies, so you’re more often seeing the higher priced items first in your search results. It makes it easy to figure your total cost up front, but might not be saving you any money.

At Bee Lovely Botanicals, we believe in being straight forward with our prices, and our shipping.  Our shipping prices are extracted straight from the USPS website, with no additional charges added. They are computed based on the weight of the package and distance of the delivery address. Once in a while, we can find a less expensive option, in which case we always refund shipping overages of differences greater than $2. Occasionally, we need to pay a little more than what was charged, and if that’s the case it comes out of our pocket. In the end, what we collect and what we pay out in shipping are about the same.

We are a small family business, and we believe this is the most conscientious and honest way to provide the best service to you, the customer.  We could increase the cost of our products to include the price of shipping, but in the long run, our best customers, who place larger orders at once would end up paying more than they would pay in actual shipping charges. There are rare occasions when we’ll run a special and pay the shipping for you.  If you come across one of these offers, you better jump on it, because we can’t afford to foot the shipping bill too often!

So yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, but sorry, there’s no such thing as free shipping.

We would love to hear your comments on this topic!  We truly desire to provide the best products and most useful service that we can!  Would you rather pay more for products, and have free shipping, or pay the actual shipping charges of your package? Let us know in the comments section!