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Our Propolis + Peptides Serum is a light, oil free formulation that can be applied alone, or under our Royal Jelly, Green Tea, and Vitamin B3 Face Cream.

This serum contains 6 different peptides to improve skin compactness and anchoring, smooth wrinkles, help skin return to normal quicker after expressions, and promote 6 different types of collagen, as well as laminen and integrin, as well as propolis, which has been shown to boost skin cell turnover.

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Add this Propolis + Peptides Serum to you cart, and witness the improvement after 28 days!
Essential Ingredients and Benefits..
  • Argireline® is patented and clinically tested peptide that results in the reduction of facial wrinkles and decreases their development.
  • Decorinyl® mimics decorin, a natural protein in skin. It has been proven to improve skin firmness and elasticity, and improve skin's moisture profile.
  • SYN-COLL®is a peptide designed to stimulate skin's natural mechanism to produce collagen. Clinical studies show a decrease in wrinkle depth with repeated use.
  • SYN-TACKS® & SYN-TC® are both peptides that target collagen production. Together, they target production of types III, IV, VII,XVI, and XVII, as well as Laminen V and integrin. These powerful peptides yield noticeable results in 28 days.
  • Propolis extract has been shown to increase cell proliferation to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and yield a smoother skin tone.

Take advantage of this pre-release offer! You’ll notice a difference in your skin in 28 days! These peptides and propolis work on skin to improve collagen formation, improve skin compactness and anchoring, and reduce wrinkle depth.

We Standby Our Product
100% Pure Essential Oils

This product is scented with 100% pure essential oils of lavender, litsea, and blue chamomile.

Hand Crafter in Small Batches

Our products are made by hand in small batches with high quality ingredients. We don’t add any fillers or pre-made bases.

Paraben Free

All of Bee Lovely Botanicals products are ALWAYS completely paraben free. You will NEVER find parabens in any of our products.

Gluten Free

Bee Lovely Botanicals products are always Gluten Free. Some peptides can be made from gluten ingredients, but we NEVER use ingredients with gluten in them. ALL of our ingredients are GLUTEN FREE.

We work hard to make useful and effective products from safe and wholesom ingredients. We want you to be happy with your Bee Lovely Botanicals products. If, for any reason, you’re not, please reach out to us!

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