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Upgrade now to add an Activated Charcoal & Propolis Face Scrub and Mask, a Complexion Bar, a Fat Honey Lip Plumper, and a Honey and Mint Lip Balm to your already purchased face and eye creams to make a complete Complexion Kit!

Add a Fat Honey lip plumper, face scrub, honey and mint lip balm, and complexion bar to your (already purchased face cream and eye cream.)

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Dawn on Oct 03, 2018

Love this stuff. Face is so soft…can definitely tell a difference. Added bonus that I just love the smell!! Panic when my jar gets low.

Sabrina on Jan 25, 2018

I just started using this soap on my face 5 days ago and I have a completely clear complexion for the first time in a long time. Excited about this soap, I will be back for more!

Lauren on Dec 23, 2017

Works great on my skin! So gentle!

Vicki on Dec 28, 2017

I love these products, I’m excited to see how well they work for my skin since they have propolis in it like the diaper cream that use for my daughter…and that is a miracle for her! 🙂

Upgrade now to get a complete Complexion Care Kit with all its amazing benefits
  • Everything you need for complexion care all in one easy kit.
  • Combines powerful beehive actives such as beeswax and propolis with rejuvenating botanicals like aloe, comfrey, and calendula.
  • This is not your run of the mill, watered-down, drug store product. These are thick, effective creams without fillers, and they last a long time. Each product was carefully formulated with only the most effective and safe ingredients. I promise you'll notice the difference.

High quality natural and organic ingredients paired with beehive actives and botanicals work miracles on tired skin and it’s worth every penny!

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