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Not all of us can or want to be beekeepers, but all of us need honeybees!  Support the bees by supporting the beeks.



Adopt a Hive Save the Bees || Receive an adoption certificate, a honeybee information packet, 2 hive updates, and a gift box of beehive products.

Bee Lovely Botanicals™ is a family run honey bee business.  We love our bees, and our customers, so we treat our hives naturally, with integrated pest management techniques, and essential oils, according to CNG protocols.

Our hives are located in the beautiful wooded countryside of Unionville, Michigan, near Saginaw Bay. Our bees forage on trees and wildflower, such as basswood. black locust, star thistle, sumac and wild berries.

As you probably know, honeybees have been in trouble in the US.  Even though the total number of hives worldwide has grown, bee populations in the US are still struggling. Our Adopt a Hive Save the Bees program gives you an opportunity to support honeybees kept with safe, natural treatments.

If you clicked on this link, you probably also already know that honeybees are responsible for pollination of many of our country’s fruits and vegetables.  Do you like almonds or apples, thank a bee.  How about a cucumber or a cranberry, tell a bee you appreciate them.  One way to support honeybees is to adopt one of our hives. We realize that not everyone that is concerned for the health of honeybees has the ability or desire to raise them themselves.

We’re happy to bridge the gap between you, and our adorable little stinging friends.  When you adopt one of our hives, you will receive a packet of information detailing what you can do in your own yard to help honeybees, as well as some interesting facts about these darling little bugs, and an adoption certificate. We also give 2 periodic updates on your hive sharing photos and/or videos.

In addition to all that information you can choose between a family beeswax skincare and honey gift box, a women’s gift box and a men’s gift box.

The Family Gift Box contains a full size men’s OR women’s hand cream, 1 full size bar of soap (Beehive Bar, or your choice), 1 lip balm and a half lb muth jar of raw honey. (Leave a note on your order with choice of lip balm, men’s OR women’s hand cream scent, or we’ll pick out our favorites for you 🙂 )

The women’s gift box contains a full size women’s hand cream, 1 full size bar of honey soap (Beehive Bar), 1 lip balm and a half lb Muth Jar of raw honey. (Specify hand cream scent and lip balms in notes, or we’ll choose our favorite scent for you. )

The men’s gift box contains 1 full size hand cream, 1 bar of honey soap (Woodsman) an Angry Bees Lip Balm, and a half lb Muth jar of raw honey.


(Substitutions are available on request for equally priced products.)

And remember, by keeping beekeepers in beekeeping you’re keeping bees alive!

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Weight 100 oz
Adopt a Hive Box

Family Skincare + Honey, Women's Skincare + Honey, Men's Bath and Body + Honey


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