Herbal Detox Complexion Bar


Propolis, bentonite clay, charcoal, and 6 soothing essential oils 3 oz facial bar


This herbal detox complexion soap contains:

  • propolis – a resin that bees use to seal their hive. It’s antibacterial and antifungal.
  • honey- full of B vitamins and moisturizing to skin
  • bentonite clay – draws dirt out of pores, helping them to appear smaller, absorbs excess sebum without drying skin
  • activated charcoal – absorbs toxins and deep cleans skin.
  • jewelweed extract – calms redness and reduces irritation on skin
  • gluten free oats – calms redness
  • eucalyptus essential oil – reputed to soothe and cools skin and help calm breakouts
  • lavender essential oil – reputed to help even skin tone and reduce wrinkles
  • peppermint essential oil – cooling and soothing on skin
  • tea tree essential oil – reputed to calm irritated skin
  • geranium essential oil – reputed to reduce inflammation and improve breakouts
  • pine essential oil – reputed to soothe inflammation and slow the signs of aging


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