Lavender Infused Honey


Wildflower honey infused with lavender buds in a glass jar with wooden dipper – 9 oz


Our raw honey is slowly heated with lavender buds to takes on the delicious, floral-herbal flavor and aroma of lavender coupled with the sweet flavor of pure honey. We strain out the lavender buds and replace it with a single sprig of lavender, picked just as the lavender buds were starting to bloom. Use infused honey to add a delicate layer of flavor to anything you use regular honey in. Lavender honey is especially delicious drizzled over greek yogurt, used to sweeten tea or lemonade, or poured over a cube of cream cheese or goat cheese and served with crackers to make an instant appetizer.

Each jar comes with a complimentary wooden honey dipper tied to the jar with twine.

Additional information

Weight 17 oz

Honey, Lavender


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