By Marianne Smith

Sir Indiana Bones (Indy) of Mount Pleasant is the sire of this beautiful litter. He will be two years old in June, and is about 47 lbs full grown. He’s an outside dog and though he was a soft woolly puppy, his lux fur is now more coarse. His coat is currently very thick for winter.

I’m amazed at the cleanliness of this breed. He cleans all the burrs out of his fur every day, and has created his own “latrine” area in his space. However, if I can get out to walk him early enough, he waits to do his “business” in our meadow or woods.

My walks with Indy are a highlight of my day. We live on 20 acres of mixed meadow, pines, and hardwoods. Indy loves to inspect the grounds, and “herd” any living creatures he can find (sorry, birds.) It’s a joy to watch him run full-bore in the meadow, his flag-like tail waving. It is clear that this is what he was made to do! (Here is a video of Indy enjoying the meadow.) For our situation, we have trained him with a long-range Garmin collar and he’s very responsive to commands.  There’s always new discovery, much sniffing, and marking of territory on our walks.

Indy also enjoys being a companion to our three boys as they hike and explore outside. He’s a part of any outdoor chores. He loves to be with his humans. He’s affectionate and will soak up any loving attention willingly.

He regularly conducts bird feeder inspections and defended our home from a stubborn groundhog that lived under our deck. He’s excited to see visitors, and alerts us with barking when someone drives into our property.

Indy was the last puppy available in the first litter of purebred English Shepherds named Tug and Honey (owned by Allen and Pam Stiles in Otisville, MI.) We really feel that we got the hidden jewel of the litter with our loyal, loving dog Indy.