Here’s to you, small shopper!

Here’s to you, small shopper!

Here’s to you, small shopper!

“I had the pleasure of meeting this cute family this September at Penn’s Colony. I got soaps and a Lip Balm. The soaps are heavenly smelling and leave my skin soft and moisturized. The lip balm is probably their most underrated product. I got one free with my soap purchase. It is the Pink Lemonade scent and it is absolutely the best lip balm I’ve ever used! I use it every day. I love supporting small businesses whenever I can because I too have a small business. This is definitely a business my family and I will continue to support! ”  -Lizz

The boys talk to a customer at a Younkers “Meet the Maker” event.

Our home-schooling, entrepreneuring (it’s a word, don’t judge me), craft showing-type of lifestyle definitely has its ups and downs.  My car is old, and we find  a lot of ways to cook gluten free chicken.  We are definitely not keeping up with the Joneses.  There are days that we work almost around the clock, and more than a few that leave us puzzling until our puzzler is sore.  There isn’t really more risk in our lifestyle than any other, it’s just that the responsibility is concentrated on Josh and me.  There is no teacher, manager, or boss to blame, or turn to for help.

While there are so many difficulties, and always so much to learn that it’s overwhelming at times, there are definitely unique blessings and opportunities that we wouldn’t find in another walk of life.  One of the biggest blessings that we have is that we get to meet and connect with so many people from all over the United States and from all different backgrounds.  We have homeschooling friends in Mississippi, penpals in Pennsylvania, and friends near Chicago that make bug art.

small shopper

A pack of letters arrived today from our pen pals in Pennsylvania, complete with artwork they learned from a book we sent as a Christmas present.

We have THE best customers!

We also have THE best customers in the world! Thank you for supporting our business.  You’re willingness to take a risk on a business and a family has been crucial to our growth!

So here’s to you, the trendsetters, the small shoppers, the thinkers outside the big box store. Thanks for coming along for the ride, and we hope our business is as much of a blessing to you as you are to us.