Black Friday Is Almost Here!

Black Friday Is Almost Here!

The lights are up, the tree is decorated, and I’ve filled my house with pine branches and cookies. It can only mean one thing…. the holidays are coming!
We love this time of year, and all the opportunities for merry-making and gift giving that come along with it.
And to help you get in the mood, we’ve got a present for YOU: our annual BLack Friday Sale is coming, and it’s going to be awesome!
Here’s a sneak peak at just a few of the offers:
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In fact, this is going to be our BIGGEST sale of the year!

If you want a unique opportunity to start crossing names off that list you’ve made and checked twice, then this is your time!
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Why get on the VIP Notification list?
Becoming a VIP gives you access to the sale a full 12 hours earlier than everyone else. As you know, our sales are extremely popular, so this is your chance to get your order in ahead of everyone else! Plus, our VIPs get free gift wrapping with their orders!

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The Black Friday deals we have planned are really going to blow you away, so click the link above and you’ll get advanced opportunity to add items to your cart and purchase.
Plus, shopping with us on Black Friday means you can skip all the crazy crowds and enjoy the day after Thanksgiving like it was meant to be spent — in the comfort of your own home (and maybe stretchy pants) with friends and family.
If you know someone else who should get on the VIP Notification list, feel free to share this blog post. We don’t want anyone to miss out! As a matter of fact, we would be so GRATEFUL if you shared our sale with your friends!
And just a heads up: this will be our LAST BIG SALE of the year, so take advantage and get your shopping done now!
As always, thanks for being a valued customer and member of our community.
Jodie + Josh
Bee Lovely Botanicals

Here’s to you, small shopper!

Here’s to you, small shopper!

Here’s to you, small shopper!

“I had the pleasure of meeting this cute family this September at Penn’s Colony. I got soaps and a Lip Balm. The soaps are heavenly smelling and leave my skin soft and moisturized. The lip balm is probably their most underrated product. I got one free with my soap purchase. It is the Pink Lemonade scent and it is absolutely the best lip balm I’ve ever used! I use it every day. I love supporting small businesses whenever I can because I too have a small business. This is definitely a business my family and I will continue to support! ”  -Lizz

The boys talk to a customer at a Younkers “Meet the Maker” event.

Our home-schooling, entrepreneuring (it’s a word, don’t judge me), craft showing-type of lifestyle definitely has its ups and downs.  My car is old, and we find  a lot of ways to cook gluten free chicken.  We are definitely not keeping up with the Joneses.  There are days that we work almost around the clock, and more than a few that leave us puzzling until our puzzler is sore.  There isn’t really more risk in our lifestyle than any other, it’s just that the responsibility is concentrated on Josh and me.  There is no teacher, manager, or boss to blame, or turn to for help.

While there are so many difficulties, and always so much to learn that it’s overwhelming at times, there are definitely unique blessings and opportunities that we wouldn’t find in another walk of life.  One of the biggest blessings that we have is that we get to meet and connect with so many people from all over the United States and from all different backgrounds.  We have homeschooling friends in Mississippi, penpals in Pennsylvania, and friends near Chicago that make bug art.

small shopper

A pack of letters arrived today from our pen pals in Pennsylvania, complete with artwork they learned from a book we sent as a Christmas present.

We have THE best customers!

We also have THE best customers in the world! Thank you for supporting our business.  You’re willingness to take a risk on a business and a family has been crucial to our growth!

So here’s to you, the trendsetters, the small shoppers, the thinkers outside the big box store. Thanks for coming along for the ride, and we hope our business is as much of a blessing to you as you are to us.

5 Reasons to Support Small Business

5 Reasons to Support Small Business

5 Reasons to Support Small Business

Small Business Satuday, sandwiched in between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, was started by American Express in 2010.   It gained momentum so quickly that in 2011 the senate made it a national Holiday. It’s a great way to support local  businesses and make an impact in your local economy.  Here are a few reasons why:

1. You help create jobs.

Money spent in local businesses will result in local jobs, creating more employment opportunities in your neighborhood.  According to the Small Business association, small businesses account for 55% of all jobs, and 65% of new jobs since the 1970s.  By shopping small businesses, you’re literally creating job security for your neighbors.

2. Small businesses give back.

The people of small businesses love and care for their neighbor just as much as you do.  From donating to silent auctions to writing a check to 4H, small businesses are more likely to donate time, resources, and products to local causes and support local charities.  Your neighborhood is their home too. A study by the research group Civics Economics found that 48% of every dollar spent shopping small stays in the local economy, while on 14% of every dollar spent at chain stores stays local.

3. Shopping at one small business benefits another.

Local small businesses are connected.  By shopping one small business, you’re creating a ripple effect in the local economy.  By supporting one business, you’re supporting many of your friends and neighbors.

4. Small Businesses offer high quality, unique products.

Although the price may be higher when you shop local, sometimes you get what you pay for.  You know your product was made by a friend or neighbor earning a fair wage.  This connection creates pride in work, and a desire to provide a high quality product. Shopping small also affords a the opportunity to give the perfect personalized gift.  Small businesses are willing to go the extra mile and thrive on happy customers.  Lavender Essential Oil Beeswax Hand Cream

5. Small businesses are everywhere.

With the advent of e-commerce, it’s never been easier to connect with small businesses.  That means that your local small business is putting money into the local economy from all over the world.

Whether you head out with friends to the local coffer shop, or search the internet for the perfect handmade gift, shop small on Small Business Saturday and support hard working families across the United States.

You can shop small at Bee Lovely Botanicals™ and receive a mystery gift for yourself.  We’re also happy to save you some time and gift wrap your purchase for free.  Just leave a note stating what gets packaged together.

5 Reasons to Support Small Business