There’s nothing quite as exciting as the first snowfall of winter.  Snowpants, mittens and scarves previously relegated to the back of the basement get to reclaim their momentary glory. Kitchens are stocked with hot chocolate, marshmallows, and copious amounts of cookies and Christmas goodies.  Mothers bundle children to the point of impairing vision and mobility to ward off the cold, and send their tikes out into the great outdoors.  (Our beeswax lip balm and hand cream do an excellent job of sealing and protecting lips and cheeks from the drying cold.)


Soon handfuls of snow are rolled into boulder size snowballs, and makeshift forts are built, complete with siege works, battle stations, and an armory.  War ensues as the fate of the world as we know it hangs in the balance.  Never has such “strategery” been used to surveil, dupe, or divide and conquer the enemy, and the young “soldiers” are certain that the annals of history will remember and celebrate their bravado and self sacrifice in “The Great Snowball Battle of 2016”.


These epic battles usually draw to a close when the enemy forces tire of fighting, and desire to make peace, or when the youngest “army” cries to his mother that the others are being mean to him.  Either way, peace is made and the battle is relived as smiling rosy cheeked boys sip steaming hot cocoa around the kitchen table, and all is right with the world again.


Notice the snowball above and slightly left of Dad’s head. 🙂