Scent Destroyer Hunting Soap

Activated charcoal, coffee grounds, and propolis absorb body odor and keep it away.

This Scent Destroyer Hunting Soap with activated charcoal is the perfect addition to your pre-hunt regimen. It uses the power of charcoal + propolis + coffee to kill odors and keep them from coming back. Activated charcoal and coffee block human scent, while propolis keeps it that way! In addition to be one of the best scent killers around, activated charcoal is good for your skin. It has been added to soap for hundreds of years. Finely ground coffee give this soap one more layer of odor destroying power! Propolis is another great addition from our beehives. It's a plant and tree resin that bees collect. This Scent Destroyer Soap is good for you, maybe not so much your prey!

This 100% natural bar soap weighs in at 4-5 oz, and is formulated to be a tough cleanser, but still gentle on your skin. It makes the perfect gift for the hunter and avid outdoosman. (Shhh, don't tell, but it's great for your skin even if you're more of an 'enjoy a cup of coffee and peruse a magazine type of person'!)