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What We're About

Beehive Ingredients

All of our products contain wholesome ingredients sourced from our naturally treated beehives. These include beeswax, honey, pollen, propolis, and royal jelly. (In a spirit of complete transparency, we use organic royal jelly that is not sourced from our own hives, as this is extremely labor intensive, and I don’t think our hives could keep up with our demand.)

Effective Results

We know that you want products that are good for you, without sacrificing results. You will see and feel the difference in your skin when you use Bee Lovely Botanicals skincare. We get you results you can see. 




Family Owned + Hand Crafted

Our products are made by our family for your family. Josh is the head beekeeper, while Jodie takes the lead on marketing and formulation. The boys help with everything, from beekeeping to making the products, to learning new computer programs to make graphics, to shipping your orders. Our products are always handcrafted with high quality ingredients. We never use any premade bases or filler ingredients.

Paraben Free

Our products are always paraben free! We take our health and yours seriously!

Probiotics are good for your skin.

Instead of using a questionable ingredient such as parabens, we use something that is healthy for your skin – PROBIOTICS!

Everything is gluten free.

All of our products are gluten free! 4 of us are allergic to gluten, so we get it.

Cruelty Free

Our products are never tested on animals, and we are cruelty free beekeepers. We work hard to keep them healthy and keep them in places that provide optimum nutrition for them. They are never fed a monoculture diet, and are given a season of rest.