Bee Rugged Beeswax Hand Salve


Our Bee Rugged Beeswax Salve is rich and thick, and will seal dry, rough skin.  We combine beeswax from our own naturally treated beehives with USP grade lanolin and cocoa butter in the dense, beeswax salve.  These ingredients immediately seal skin.  Because these ingredients are anhydrous, they don't wash or wear away easily.  Organic extra virgin coconut oil and organic sunflower oil penetrate the outer layers of the epidermis to soften skin.  We also add allantoin, the active ingredient in aloe and comfrey root, and use an all natural, organic preservative made from lactobacillus.  You will find NO parabens, NO phthalates, and NO propylene glycol in our products.  Using an all natural preservative in our products is quite similar to our natural approach to beekeeping.  Sure it's more expensive and it's more work, but we value our health, and yours, so we think it's worth it!

**Due to issues with our supply chain, these hand salves may not come in the container shown. They may come in a tube.

This organic hand lotion is very effective to seal and dry skin, and makes an excellent gift.

Our hand salve comes in 3 different scents:
Unscented has the slight aroma of beeswax, coconut oil, and lanolin. 

Woodsman is a light, clean fragrance reminiscent of lemon, vetiver, and a very light sandalwood.

Mechanic's lotion is a clean fresh light scent from pure rosemary essential oil and litsea cubeba fruit essential oil.  These oils are antiseptic as well as good smelling.  

Mariner is a blend of ozone or water, citrus, vetiver, cedarwood, pine and musk.