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Sparkle + Shine Beeswax Lip Gloss

Beeswax lip gloss with honey and sparkle mica to beautify and protect lips 1/3 oz tube


This all natural beeswax lip gloss is designed to be beautiful and good for you! We use our own beeswax cappings and honey paired with castor oil and sunny sweet litsea essential oil. The result is a beautiful, sheer, natural lip gloss with just a hint of pink. This gloss deeply penetrates to keep lips as soft and supple as a lip balm would. Castor oil is known for soaking into skin and deeply moisturizing. Beeswax is one of the best natural skin protectors, and honey is full of antioxidants, enzymes, and B vitamins that give skin a healthy glow.  Pink shimmer mica adds just a hint of sparkle, and the sweet litsea fruit essential oil and raw honey will seal its spot as your favorite lip care product. Our Coffee flavored lip gloss is the same great formula with a new color and flavor.  It's colored with coral mica and flavored with coffee oil. 

Flavor/ Color
Coffee/ Coral
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    Excellent, natural gloss!! This is not like those sticky, gooey glosses that are everywhere. This is the only gloss I’ve ever used that adds a bit of shine, but doesn’t make you look like you have drool on your mouth, lol! Plus it is made with good, natural ingredients which is especially important to me for products for my lips. To top it off, it actually provides some real color


    Great for my purse!


    This is amazing my new favorite!!! Not sticky like other "lip gloss" in a tube.


    I love this all natural lip gloss; it smells like summer!