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Bee Rugged Dirt Cover Scent Hunting Soap

This dirt scented hunting soap is the perfect addition to your pre-hunt regimen! It honestly smells like dirt! We add propolis from our own beehives to up the scent blocking power of this bar soap. Propolis is amazing stuff! It's made from plant and tree resins that the bees gather to seal and protect their hive from infection.  Its antibacterial and antifungal properties are a natural way to keep body odor at bay longer, and it's been known to help with problem skin conditions.

Our Bee Rugged men's line features natural, healthy soap and skincare products made with ingredients sourced from our own naturally treated beehives. Our cold process soap is made the old fashioned way with oils, water, and lye. We use our own proprietary blend of oils so that our soap (unlike that old sliver of lard soap) is bubbly and gentle on skin. We formulate all of our products to be effective and good for you. Here are a couple of listings that you might want to take a look at if you're interested in high quality products that work as hard as you do.

Each bar weighs in at 4-5 oz and is labeled with kraft paper and shrink wrapped.