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Half Pound Raw Honey

  • Half pound of raw honey in an antique inspired muth jar, complete with tag and dipper. Half pound jar is on right, larger jar is 1 pound.
  • Our raw honey is classified as wildflower honey, meaning that the bees forage on whatever wild flowers, trees, and crops are blooming, and it isn't from any one particular plant (as in clover honey, or buckwheat honey, which come from predominantly one plant source). Raw honey varies in flavor from year to year and from region to region. Our honey this year is very light in color (slightly lighter than pictured - a pale yellow), with a sweet, mild flavor. The crystallization, or grain of honey also depends on the plants bees forage on, and the honey this year has a superior, very fine grain. The honey has the consistency of soft butter. In the process of making honey from nectar, there are certain enzymes and hormones that are added to the nectar by the bees. Heating denatures these enzymes and hormones, which doesn't adversely affect the flavor of the honey, but isn't as wholesome as raw honey. Raw honey also contains more pollen, which causes granulation to occur faster. Our honey has never been heated, and was only filtered through cheese cloth, so the pollen, enzymes, hormones, and anti-bacterial properties are still intact in each jar. Muth jars are a replica of a turn of the century honey jar found in an old barn. They are manufactured in the USA, and add a little charm and nostalgia to any table setting. The front of the glass jar is embossed with a beehive and the words "8 OUNCES PURE HONEY". The jar is sealed with a cork.