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Infused Honey Gift Set

  • The flavor of our wildflower honey is kicked up a notch when we cook it over low temperatures with different herbs and spices. The Infused Honey Gift Set features 1 Lavender, 1 Lemon Ginger, 1 Orange and 1 Vanilla Bean Infused Honey in a gift box – 4 9 oz glass jars of honey and 4 wooden dippers.
  • Our infused honey gift set makes a sweet gift for your sweetheart, your favorite host or hostess, or the awesome grill master or foodie in your life. It also makes an excellent addition to your next tea party. If the drinks at your next party tend to be on the harder side of tea, buy a set for your bar and let guests sample the various flavor nuances in their drinks. Muddle a little fruit and a basil leaf in the bottom of your glass, sweeten with honey and top it off with lemonade, seltzer water, or your favorite cocktail. Perhaps your next brunch or shower should include a yogurt or parfait bar, or your evening soiree incorporate an assortment of hors d'oeuvres and cheeses that guests can drizzle with infused honey. Whether you are hosting a cocktail party, tea party, or a baby shower, this exquisite, natural honey set will elevate the menu of your next event. Each set includes four 9 ounce glass jars with dippers.
  • --Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean Infused Honey Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean adds an aromatic vanilla component, as well as an earthy flavor that is a perfect complement to the sweet, floral taste of the honey. This honey is absolutely delicious mixed with warm milk or herbal tea, but you can use it any way you would use regular honey.
    -- Orange Zest Infused Honey Orange Zest infused honey captures the bright tangy orange flavor that is hidden in the zest of fresh oranges. It adds some zing to the sweet honey, and makes an awesome snack when drizzled over popcorn. It's not too bad spread over fresh biscuits with butter, either!
    -- Lavender Bud Infused Honey Organic Lavender infused honey is cooked with fresh untreated lavender from our own herb garden. It amps up the sweet, floral flavor of the honey, and brings a subtle herb aroma as well. This honey pairs well with herbal tea, drizzled over greek yogurt, or to add a touch of sweetness to your lemonade. It also tastes great with anything vanilla!
    -- Lemon Zest and Ginger Root Infused Honey Lemon Zest and Ginger Root infused honey captures the bright, fresh sunshine flavor of lemon zest and adds a subtle spicy, earthiness from fresh ginger root. This honey is great as a sweetener for your favorite cup of tea, or to drizzle on fish or chicken, or to sweeten a vinaigrette. It also makes a mean honey mustard dipping sauce for all of you chicken nugget afficionados.
    -- Each harvest of honey is different, depending on the weather, the hive, and the type of nectar gathered from blooming plants. Our honey this year is very light. It has a sweet, slightly floral flavor, with just a hint of tanginess. It is a very superior honey this year, and pairs well with botanicals by letting their true flavors shine through.