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Orange Zest Infused Honey


Orange zest infused wildflower honey in glass jar with wooden dipper - 9 oz


Our Orange Infused Honey is collected from our naturally treated beehives, strained through cheesecloth, then slowly simmered with the zest of bright, juicy oranges. Our honey this year is exceptionally light and has a sweet, mild flavor with just a hint of tang. It pairs brilliantly with the zippy flavor of fresh orange zest. This honey is excellent when drizzled over popcorn for a sweet, surprising treat. Use it in a simple syrup to give your favorite drink a hint of bright orange flavor, or try some honey orange cream frosting on your next batch of cupcakes. The uses of infused honey are only limited by your imagination.

Each jar contains 9 or 15 oz of sticky sweet goodness and comes with a wooden honey dipper tied to the jar with twine, as shown.