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Meet the Bee Lovely Team




Jodie in beekeeping helmet holding a frame of bees, hive and smoker in background.
Hi, I'm Jodie, the founder of Bee Lovely Botanicals. I started my career as a certified athletic trainer (my degree is in exercise science).
I've always been adventurous and creative at heart, not to mention I come from 3 generations of small business owners on both sides! 
 l love spending time with my family (almost always 🙄) and Josh and I feel blessed to be able to work with them through Bee Lovely Botanicals.

Josh has a background in biology, fisheries and wildlife, and conservation. 
He's a little more cautious in life, but is happy to join in after I test the waters. 
He enjoys knowing what to expect and likes mining data to find trends. He lends this experience to our beekeeping methods and is in charge of accounting for Bee Lovely Botanicals.

Jaden, at 17 years old, has been a huge help to our business. He's kind of a jack-of-all-trades.
He has been helping Josh out with production, and does the majority of our packaging and shipping. 
On top of that, he did a graphic design bootcamp and is my go-to when I need help with the design programs I use.
He's also learned photography and helps out with beekeeping.

Jacob, 13 years old, helps with order fulfillment.
He's also got a knack for organizing products and packaging, which is critical when working in such a small space.
He also helps weigh out ingredients and keep everything neat and tidy in our production area.
He's also keen to help with the beekeeping, especially if he gets to drive something!

Justus, 12, was ecstatic to be promoted from sweeping a while ago. (Being the youngest, he wanted the same responsiblities as his order brothers!) 
He is amazingly intuitive about using our shipping program!

He helps weigh out ingredients, as well as helping clean our production area.
Justus also helps out with beekeeping and is a natural in front of the camera.