Michigan Wildflower Honey Wedding Favors


4 oz glass Muth jars of Michigan wildflower honey with personalized tag


Wildflower Honey Wedding Favors in Muth Jars - 4 oz

Muth jars are made in the USA and are replicas made from an antique turn of the century honey jar found in an old barn. The vintage looking glass jars of wildflower honey  are embossed with a bee skep and the words "FOUR OUNCES PURE HONEY" and add charm and a little nostalgia to any table setting.  They also make a perfect favor, and add an elegant touch to your reception or party.  The "Meant to Bee" favors are a useful, healthy, and heartfelt way to say thank you.  Each jar of sunshine holds 4 ounces of Bee Lovely Botanicals raw wildflower honey, spun from our own naturally treated hives.  (We don't ever heat our honey during processing and we only filter through cheesecloth.  In order to fill a large amount of small bottles, the honey may need to be warmed up to a pourable consistency.  Granulation occurs at a varying rate, depending on what plants the bees were foraging on.  We are careful to never heat our honey over 110*F, to ensure that the natural hormones and enzymes are still intact in every bottle.)

We have two kraft tag options available. The "SKEP" tag features an antique bee skep complete with flowers and buzzing bees. The bride's and groom's names appear above the skep, with the words "Meant to Bee" underneath. The "VINTAGE BEE"  option features the bride's and groom's name displayed predominantly in a simple font, followed by the the words "Meant to" and a vintage bee image. We would love to work with you to personalize these favors to perfectly fit your wedding, shower, or party theme and decor. We would also "bee" delighted to be a part of your next party.  Make sure you leave a note with your order with the names and type of tag you would like.

This listing is for 4 oz muth jars of wildflower honey with personalized tag attached with twine. Our processing time is four weeks.  Favors may be available sooner than 4 weeks, please contact for information.